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Uganda Awarded the Safer Tourism Evaluated Seal

Today, the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) can be proud. Uganda Tourism Board CEO Lilly Ajarova and Quality Assurance Officer Samora Semakula applied on August 24 for the Safer Tourism Seal . In addition to the self-assessment, UTB included a request for an independent evaluation.


Head of the Private Sector in Tourism encourages Ugandans to promote their own domestic tourism

I was recently asked during the just concluded e-conference hosted by PSFU, when the airport opens will Uganda be guaranteed foreign visitors? In other words, the moderator understood that re-opening of Entebbe International Airport wouldn’t be an immediate trigger for the high value foreign tourists to return to visit The Pearl of Africa.


Ugandan Arts and Crafts need to be streamlined, standardized to capture market-Experts

Art is a widespread language that dates back thousands of years ago where mankind told stories through pictures drawn on cave walls. Through the ages, artists have conveyed history through sketches, paintings, construction and sculptures.

Uganda aims at both local and international market for its handcrafts. Uganda’s handcraft trade is largely informal market with an inconsistent market access entry and penetration approaches and inadequate market distribution networks.


Tourism Private Sector ask government to reopen Entebbe Airport

The tourism private sector has asked the government to consider re-opening Entebbe International Airport, saying it is the main gateway into Uganda and an enabler for recovery of all sectors in the economy.


Minister assures of Uganda’s safety for Tourists

The Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Hon. Tom Butime has assured the public that Uganda’s national parks are safe to visit because the safety of tourists is given number one priority. The Minister gave the assurance today while receiving 12 unit ranger accommodation
facility from the European Union (EU) delegation to Uganda to accommodate park rangers in Queen Elizabeth National Park.


SOPs for Tourism Services and Research Activities in UWA Estates

Both the Uganda Wildlife Act, 2019 and the Wildlife Policy 2014 provide for conservation and sustainable management of wildlife resources, coordination, monitoring and supervision of activities related to wildlife management in Uganda. This mandate is legally vested in UWA. In order to carry out its mandate,