The Uganda Tourism Association is the umbrella association that brings together all tourism associations in Uganda. The current associations include the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, Uganda Safari Guides Association, Uganda hotel owners Association, The Uganda Association of travel agents, and Uganda community Tourism Association. These associations altogether represent tour operators, travel agents, accommodation facilities, tour guides, community-based organizations, and membership is steadily increasing.

The Uganda Tourism Association does not get involved with the daily operations of any tourism institution, organization or travel business Association and does not intend to duplicate any services rendered by such organizations, institutions or associations. UTA provides a unified industry voice to articulate to government and others the industry-wide major issues of national significance.

UTA assists with strategic intervention when by agreement the industry requires lobbying or advocacy at the highest level on the main issues impacting negatively on tourism growth and development. The Association strives to engage with captains of industry, political leaders, innovators, development agencies, institutions of higher learning, and individuals who are knowledgeable to be experts in different disciplines, fields of specialization and professions.


To be a vibrant and diverse single tourism private sector umbrella association in Uganda.


Uganda Tourism Association exists to provide a forum where private sector member associations can advocate for policies and practices that promote sustainable tourism development in Uganda.

Strategic Objectives

  • To build the capacity of the Association to mobilize and coordinate the tourism private sector with the public sector.
  • To intermediate and reduce major obstacles to tourism development and investment in Uganda.
  • To facilitate the development of new tourism products and marketing them together with existing products in the major source markets.
  • Promote human resource capacity/skills development in the tourism sector.
  • To support and promote harmonized standards and quality control in tourism industry operations in Uganda.