The tourism and travel business will never be the same again following the Covid-19 pandemic. Will the industry recover from this chain of events that no one saw coming? Yes, we was Uganda Tourism Association believe that the industry will be up and running in a matter of time but this will be mainly dependent on the new guidelines that will be put in the different destinations that attract tourists. There is no doughty that cleaner is better. Now that hotels and airlines have adopted enhanced measures, its only wise that this continues for it will create a sense of safety and protection to the clients who are now more health conscious than ever and as a result, consumers are most likely going to gravitate to those companies that will continue to put increased emphasis on cleaning and safety protocols permanently. At the same time, travelers will want the services and amenities they loved pre-COVID but with the new adjustments. Thus these need adjustments need to be highlighted in all the tourism activities form there marketing plans all the way down to the actual service delivery operations. The Tourism destinations will have to permanently put sanitizers in place and encourage all tourists to use them while in the facilities.  It will also be advised for the different hotels and destination facilities to always have a stand by medical personal to be able to check up on the different clients in case of an emergency. Once all this has been put in place, there is no doubt that the tourism industry will thrive again like never before.