The executive committee of UTA is composed of an elected president, vice president, secretary and a Governing Council composed of representatives of the member associations. There is also an annual general meeting to which the executive committee is answerable. The executive committee is driven by passion and commitment to ensure that Uganda becomes a preferred tourism destination in Africa. The Technical and administrative duties of the Uganda Tourism Association will be handled by a Secretariat which will have an executive director and different departments. As an advocate for all companies with an interest in tourism, the Uganda tourism association works with the government, industry and community stakeholders to boost investments, employment and promotional opportunities throughout the country.

Current Executive Committee of UTA

1. President – Mr. Herbert Byaruhanga

2. Vice President – Mrs. Eugenie Windt Nsubuga

3. Treasurer Mrs. Monalisa Aman

4. Secretary General Mr. Peter Mwanja

5. Committee Members – Mr. Azher Jaffer

6. Committee Member – Mr. Musinguzi Felex

7. Committee Member – Mrs. Jackie Kemirembe

8. Committee Member – Mr. Mark Kirya

9. Committee Member – Mr. Nuuwa Wamala Nnyanzi