“You apply by going through the following steps (Note that the CERRRP Team will carefully scrutinize your application, and will cross-check all the information and documents that you have provided). Note that specific project activities may have specific application procedures.”

Step 1:

Download and fill in the Application Form following communication and/or advertisement of call for proposals by the CERRRP-UTA team. Ensuring that all the boxes in the form are properly filled and that the information that is provided therein is accurate

Step 2:

Attach all the required supporting documentation as indicated in the form and checklist

Step 3:

Ensure to sign and stamp the form

Step 4:

Deliver your application form to the UTA either by email at admin@ugandatourismassociation.org or physically to the office; Capital Shoppers Building Nakawa, Room Suite 19, 2nd Floor in a sealed envelope. Clearly indicate on the envelope or the subject part of the email: “CERRRP-UTA Support For Promotional Materials Application” in the right-hand corner.

Step 5:

Receive and keep a digital acknowledgment from CERRRP-UTA. Keep this until you receive an approval email from UTA.

Step 6:

ONLY proceed to implement the project upon clearance from CERRRP-UTA

Eligibility Criteria

NOTE: For all applications, you will be required to submit a “CERRRP Project Report Form” along with deliverables at the end of the project to UTA for evaluation. Before you apply, be sure to check the brief eligibility criteria.

Promotional Support Application Form

As part of the CERRRP project, you can be supported towards any of these three key intervention actions:

A. Google Ads

B. Facebook Ads

C. Development of a short Marketing Video

NOTE: All applicants for this component must send their applications with a summarized concept from the service provider indicating the budget.


Subsidised Domestic Tours Application Form

As a Tour Operator, offer a subsidized domestic tour within Uganda and receive a subsidy per person per trip. Download and fill in the form, attach all requisite documents as instructed. 

Subsidised Domestic Tours Trip Summary

Applicants for the subsidized domestic tours must be submitted with itinerary overviews using this format. Click download to proceed.